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George Topouria

George Topouria
George Topouria holds the MA in European Studies from the Maastricht University, is a 'Beyond the EU' founding member and works as a Senior Analyst for Transparency International Georgia. Find out more

Three reasons why Crimea is not Kosovo


Back in the day, political commentators compared U.S. and Western support for Kosovo’s independence to a Pandora’s box. The recognition of Kosovan right to independence, it was warned, could jeopardize the stability of the international order by setting a dangerous precedent for other separatist movements as well as encouraging big states to reshape the international order through the use of ...

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Fixing Vilnius Summit and returning Ukraine to EU’s orbit


Armenia reneging on the EU for membership in the Eurasian Union – Check! Belarus soldiering on its autocratic rule – Check! Azerbaijan skeptical about the EU trade deal – also, Check! Ukraine refusing to sign the AAs days before the summit – Double-check!

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As Georgia nears presidential elections, even a loss may be a win


Georgia is less than a week away from testing the rigidity of its democratic institutions by casting vote in the presidential elections. 

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Armenia chooses Euroasian Union over the EU: What now?


With just two months left till the Vilnius Summit, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan announced that his country would be seeking to join the Russia-led Customs Union, thus effectively reneging on his country’s commitments for closer economic and political cooperation with the EU.

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Suicide bomber redefines Georgian attitude towards NATO?

Visit of the North Atlantic Council to Georgia - Arrival of the Council

The case of Georgia’s military involvement in Afghanistan is a curious one. Around 1600 Georgian troops are stationed in Helmand province in the framework of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). This makes Georgia the largest contributor of military troops, as well as largest per-capita, to the ISAF mission from a non-NATO nation. In comparison, Armenia and Sweden have 126 and 570 ...

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From Roses to a Georgian Dream


Georgia has a much complicated and debatable history of intense geopolitical instability. Two regions – South Ossetia and Abkhazia – comprise around 20% of Georgia’s total territory and are de facto out of Tbilisi’s control. They function as entirely independent countries, with all institutions relevant to that of a full-fledged state. These breakaway regions enjoy full Russian military and economic ...

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Chaos Unfolds at LGBT Rally in Georgia


At the time of this article’s writing there is a mini-crisis unfolding on the streets of the Georgian capital. At around mid-day thousands of Orthodox activists pushed towards an LGBT rally, assaulting and disrupting the participants. The level of violence, aggression and dehumanization was striking. The whole scene was just a big mess. You just have to agree that there ...

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The Russian Empire: Autocratic Federation as only means of survival?


Grassroots movements for self-determination in Russia’s troubled regions have been continuously silenced by state-sponsored terror and aggressive military campaigns. To date these approaches have provided a crucial guarantee for the integrity of the Russian state. But what if the autocratic nature of the Russian state were dissembled, and on its place forged blocks of genuine democracy? Would the territorial integrity be sustained in a ...

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Past and Future of Georgia: Not so Clear?


In 2012, Georgia has witnessed its first transition of power through fair and free elections. President Saakashvili conceded his party’s defeat. Thereby acknowledging that his movement is now the new opposition. Quite a dramatic twist in a region renown for autocratic rule. But what does this change of power imply for 2013 and beyond?

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