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Ievgen Bilyk

Ievgen Bilyk
Ievgen is currently obtaining M. Sc. in E-Governance Technologies and Services. He has been one of the initiators of the first e-Democracy project in Ukraine, while working at the Center for Innovations Development at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Former project development manager and current advisor at Beyond the EU. Find out more

Draft law 2504a signifies the emergence of Ukrainian patriot act


Among omnipresent economic troubles and protracted anti-terrorist operation, registering the Bill 2504a in the Parliament on August, 13, has been largely unnoticed by Ukrainian citizens. However, it seems that this yet-to-come regulation might affect their lives more significantly than the mentioned difficulties. To say the least, extensive data about the citizens will be combined and regularly updated in a unified information registry.

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Maidan by Sergey Loznitsa: Ukrainian people have the issue to resolve


Maidan is the movie about Ukrainian revolution by Sergey Loznitsa. It was first premiered at Cannes in May 2014, and will probably become the most widely seen documentary about the events that took place in Kyiv in winter 2013-14. What does the picture show?

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E-Democracy in Ukraine: what is it?

GERMANY, Bonn, "Online" - Human miniatures on a computer keyboard.

After the Maidan, many people in Ukraine put the question “what is now?” on the table. The society is stirred up, with the significant part of its citizens being actively engaged in civic life: some groups are writing new laws, some groups are gathering support for the army in the East, and some are showing their discontent with the Maidan, because “nothing has ...

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Sketching Ukrainian Innovation System: R&D Performance


Innovations, conceptualized by R&D activities, are largely supported by the government and foreign capital, and unfortunately scarcely by national business, in Ukraine. The issue of who performs these activities arises for the picture to be more complete.  

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National Act of Freedom: about Rousseau and Rationality


The National Act of Freedom (the NAF) was issued in Ukraine on the 14th of February, 2014. The Act was prepared by the group of independent Ukrainian experts in political science, law, sociology, and economics who call themselves “1st December Initiative”. If the document’s implementation is accepted by the relevant actors, primarily, the power authorities, the opposition, and several organizations of the protesters, ...

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Sketching Ukrainian Innovation System: R&D Investment


This is the first part of a twofold material about innovation system in Ukraine

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The cost of land: Why China has purchased arable swathes of Ukraine


The news about the acquisition of 5% of Ukrainian land by China spread around the world at the end of September.

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New model of Ukrainian energy market: redistributing costs in favor of private players?


One of the primary requirements for European integration of Ukraine is the alignment with energy market principles accepted in the EU. The way the structural change of the national market can be performed has long been debated: from planning new nuclear facilities to developing investment schemes into renewables. At the end of July, 2013, the final agenda for transforming the ...

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