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Roman Cybriwsky

Roman Cybriwsky
Roman Adrian Cybriwsky is a Professor of Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University, USA, and former Fulbright Scholar, National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Ukraine. His book "City of Domes and Demons: Kyiv, Ukraine from the Collapse of Socialism to the Mass Uprisings of 2013-2014" will be printed soon.

New monuments in Kyiv: An open proposal to Ukrainian people


Viktor Yanukovych is gone, and today, as I write this, Ukrainians are enjoying the start of a new chapter in their history by touring the grounds of his Mezhihirya mansion and collecting documents and testimony that will incriminate him and his cronies.  At the same time, we are painfully aware that not all who rallied against Yanukovych’s kleptocracy/dictatorship survived, and ...

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