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Sviatoslav Sviatnenko

Sviatoslav Sviatnenko
Sviatoslav is Acting Editor-in-Chief of Beyondthe.EU

Development of Ukraine: High Tech as a solution


Those hoping for a better future for Ukraine will be disappointed, unless the economy focuses on high tech industry. Ukraine’s economic downfall – the industrial East of Ukraine is devastated, while Russian market has been closed at once – assures that Ukraine can no longer afford its economy the way it is now. It urgently needs revitalization and high tech is a key to ...

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Values shift in Ukraine: any evidence yet?

Around a year ago, I made an argument predicting the value shift in Ukraine. I was and am absolutely aware that it is dangerous to give any kind of predictions in social sciences, especially when it comes to Ukraine. Nevertheless, I emphasized the value shift that I observed during and after (if it is over yet) the Revolution of Dignity ...

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2014: The Worst and the Best Year in Modern Ukraine’s History


It is December out there, which means it is time to take a stock. I will try to re-think and critically evaluate the last year of Ukraine’s history as an independent state. 

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Ten Western myths about “Ukrainian Crisis”

Euromaidan in Kyiv. Photo:

I have been living in the Netherlands for the last two months and during this period I have had an opportunity to feel a genuine interest towards the so-called “Ukrainian Crisis”.

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Euromaidan as a descedent of Zaporizhian Sich

pic_Z_A_Zaporozhian Sich (drawing after Riegelman)

Zaporizhian Sich was a protected territory near modern Kakhovka reservoir (Zaporizhia region, Eastern Ukraine) where the unregistered Ukrainian army, so called Cossaks, was located in the 16-18th centuries. Present-day Euromaidan in Kyiv strikingly resembles Sich in many aspects of its social environment, but also has some distinctive features.

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#euromaidan: 4 days from inside


For the last six months most Ukrainians have been living in anticipation of a crucial decision for their country – signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union at Vilnius Eastern Partnership Summit on November 28, 2013. Both international and national mass media, Ukrainian legislators, officials, and diplomats have been discussing this possibility for Ukraine. The polls showed that ...

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