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Viktoriia Zalozna

Viktoriia Zalozna
Viktoriia is a graduate of Maastricht University and an Intern at UN Office on Drugs and Crime. One of the founding members of Beyond the EU. Find out more

Where did Ukrainian military potential go? Arms trafficking is the answer


The recent annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia demonstrated the incapacity of Ukrainian army to confront the aggression of a “brotherly state” and to defend its own borders.

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Global Slavery Index 2013: Eastern Partnership Countries Analysis

Grete Minde

When we think about slavery, we often look at it as something from the past, something which was abolished a long time ago and has nothing to do with the contemporary world. Still, modern slavery exists and is a global threat that hits both developing and developed counties. In October, 2013, the Global Slavery Index was released  by Walk Free Foundation ...

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The Struggle with Police Outrage in Ukraine


Recent events that took place in a small Ukrainian village, Vradievka, draw public attention to the broader issue of police outrage in the country.

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Music and Control


Last weekend Lviv, one of the most beautiful and popular with tourists Ukrainian city, hosted the rock festival ‘Stare Misto (Old City)’. This event symbolizes one more step towards the formation of more mature Ukrainian underground culture, which is still quite young. Since 2007 this festival has been held annually, except of the last year when it was canceled due ...

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Losing Control: Migration Issue in Ukraine


According to the UN report the number of immigrants living in Ukraine is approximately 6.8 million people, which put country on the 4th rank among the countries in the world, right after US, Russia and Germany. The number seems enormous, thus the difficulties regarding the issue should also be striking, but we do not hear much about the problems connected with immigration ...

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The rise of right-wing parties: is Ukraine following European example?


The growth of support for the right-wing parties has been the issue that European countries face since recently. The examples can be found in several countries all over Europe. On the last presidential elections in France Marine Le Pen, who is the leader of the National Front, gained 18% of votes; in Greece the Golden Dawn party, with Nikos Michaloliakos ...

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