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Are conflicts in the South Caucasus ethnic?


There is no negative intrinsic value to ethnical diversity that would make it a cause of conflict. Otherwise, every ethnically diverse society would be expected to be in conflict, while the reality suggests that for each case of ethnic rivarly, there are many other cases of different ethnic groups coexisting peacefully.

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Russian and Western engagement in the South Caucasus conflicts: Building sustainable stability in the region?


Russia is playing a dual game in the South Caucasus at the same time both stabilising and destabilising the region.

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Why does Nagorno-Karabakh matter?


The rule of ‘location, location, location’ is not only a business law, but also perfectly applies to politics. Geographical location indeed matters! It can constringe or give space to national interests and does the same with peoples’ minds.

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Human Rights in Azerbaijan: The Legacy of Eurovision


It was with a conflicted sense of bitterness that I watched countless British Tory MPs espouse their latest vitriol towards all things European this week. Nothing new, there, you might say. The noticeable overlap between Europhobes and homophobes may leave some of their less articulate members – Nadine Dorries and Peter Bone to mention just a couple – panicking under ...

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