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Visa free regime for Moldovan citizens: How, Why?


On the 28th of April 2014, Moldova became the first Eastern Partnership (EaP) country granted with a visa free regime to Schengen area. This allows Moldovan citizens holding a biometric passport to travel to Schengen countries up to 90 days within any 180-day period without a visa. I propose here to analyse the details of this achievement.

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What does the Association Agreement mean for Georgia and Moldova? Myths and Reality


The last Eastern Partnership (EaP) summit held in Vilnius on the 27th-28th November 2013 saw the finalization of the negotiations on the EU-Moldova and EU-Georgia Association Agreement (AA), including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA). The time has now come for bilateral signature, which will take place in Brussels on the 27th of June.

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EaP players missing: are Georgia and Moldova to score with DCFTA?


While Vilnius Summit is to be a decisive round in the EU’s trade relations with the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, how many out of the six initial EaP players  (Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia) do actually remain at the gaming  table?

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Global Slavery Index 2013: Eastern Partnership Countries Analysis

Grete Minde

When we think about slavery, we often look at it as something from the past, something which was abolished a long time ago and has nothing to do with the contemporary world. Still, modern slavery exists and is a global threat that hits both developing and developed counties. In October, 2013, the Global Slavery Index was released  by Walk Free Foundation ...

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Moldova torn apart between West and East on 9 May


This year, the day of 9 May in Moldova was scandalous as never before, as too many more or less memorable dates overlap. Pro-Russian youth celebrates the Victory Day, pro-Romanians mark the Romanian Independence Day, while euro-enthusiastic politicians celebrate the EU Day. Even though there were so many disputes over what holiday to celebrate and how, today Moldovan population has ...

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