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Politics/International relations

Interview with Lesya Orobets: about cycling, Democratic Alliance, and opponents in Kyiv mayor elections


Lesya Orobets is one of the candidates for the upcoming Kiev Mayor elections on May 25,  the same day presidential elections will be held in Ukraine. She used to be a member of Yulia Tymoshenko’s party named “Batkivshchyna”, but left it recently after her decision to run for mayor elections. She was also active during Ukrainian recent revolutionary events. Beyond ...

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Where did Ukrainian military potential go? Arms trafficking is the answer


The recent annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia demonstrated the incapacity of Ukrainian army to confront the aggression of a “brotherly state” and to defend its own borders.

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Why the United States did not uphold the Budapest Memorandum


Ukraine may become the latest victim of the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The isolationist tendencies that these conflicts entrenched in the United States have already caused the West to ignore the death of more than a hundred thousand Syrians. While it may be true that America never confronted directly the Soviet Union in Europe, Russia is not the Soviet ...

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How the annexation of Crimea changed the geopolitical game for Belarus


After years of demonising NATO, Belarusian authorities are coming to a painful realisation that the main threat to country’s sovereignty lies to the East, not the West. But will Belarusian foreign policy change?

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Why does Nagorno-Karabakh matter?


The rule of ‘location, location, location’ is not only a business law, but also perfectly applies to politics. Geographical location indeed matters! It can constringe or give space to national interests and does the same with peoples’ minds.

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Empire State of Mind: Crimea is caught in the middle of conflict

Action of solidarity with Euromaidan in Saint Petersburg. Picture from

Kremlin has always been seeking to economically integrate Ukraine with Russia. Being divided for centuries between the foreign powers, Ukraine has always been treated by Russia just as a small brother that should be better in Russia’s embracement than being an equal partner. Having been a part of the Russian Empire for several hundred years, Ukraine was proclaimed independent in 1991. ...

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EU-Russia Summit in Brussels: Ukraine and “big elephant”


In recent months, Russia’s actions have not been to the EUs satisfaction. Having supported the country’s accession into WTO, the Union is now disappointed with Russia’s customs behaviour, imposition of trade restrictions (78 protectionist moves counted), and sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) problems. On its part, Russia is also criticizing the EU for the anti-dumping rates and has even started a ...

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What can Europe do? What should Europe do?


The second half of 2013 saw the increase of attention towards EU’s Eastern partners just like the beginning of 2014 saw its decrease. Even #Euromaidan has not really altered the direction of this downward curvature: Greece overtook the Council presidency from Lithuania, and EU priorities have switched from Europe’s East to the very European Union and from geopolitical agenda to ...

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Why Euromaidan is not dispersed: Yanukovich’s Strategic Game


Clashes between the Euromaidan protesters and the riot police have reached a new boiling point on January, 22. In the morning of that day, the riot police with the assistance of internal troops that are subordinated to the Ministry of Interior pushed back the radical protesters from Grushevskogo Street, restoring their previous dislocation. This skirmish resulted in the death of ...

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Belarus-2013: Main Trends in Domestic Politics


There have not been any breakthroughs in the political landscape of Belarus in the preceding year. There were no major political events like elections or referendum, which means that 2013 a priori drew less attention from the side of observers.  However, a number of remarkable political trends in 2013 did affect the Belarusian political reality for the year to come.

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