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Politics/International relations

Fixing Vilnius Summit and returning Ukraine to EU’s orbit


Armenia reneging on the EU for membership in the Eurasian Union – Check! Belarus soldiering on its autocratic rule – Check! Azerbaijan skeptical about the EU trade deal – also, Check! Ukraine refusing to sign the AAs days before the summit – Double-check!

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Vilnius summit as a challenge to normative power Europe


Vilnius Summit has reached limited success: Georgia and Moldova have initialed the AAs with the EU, whereas a battle over Ukraine was lost. There are many reasons for this failure, and those who blame corrupted Ukrainian government are right to do so. Still, quite a few stones may be flung into the EU’s yard.

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Stag, hare, or chicken: catchy games between Ukraine and the EU


Quite often journalists and politicians used the term “geopolitical game” to describe Ukraine’s foreign policy decision-making before the Vilnius Summit. So, we decided to analyse the EU-Ukraine relations from game theory perspective.

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#euromaidan: 4 days from inside


For the last six months most Ukrainians have been living in anticipation of a crucial decision for their country – signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union at Vilnius Eastern Partnership Summit on November 28, 2013. Both international and national mass media, Ukrainian legislators, officials, and diplomats have been discussing this possibility for Ukraine. The polls showed that ...

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“It seems like a dream of 2004”, they say. “Orange Revolution is back!” and “EU Maidan” are the other sayings that are vividly wiring through Facebook and Twitter now. Ukraine is gathering its people again to say “No!” to the decision made by its Government.  

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EaP players missing: are Georgia and Moldova to score with DCFTA?


While Vilnius Summit is to be a decisive round in the EU’s trade relations with the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, how many out of the six initial EaP players  (Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia) do actually remain at the gaming  table?

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“Georgia’s path to Vilnius & Beyond”: Getting fit to fit into the EU fitness club


Out of the blue or “in the blue”, Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan decided to swap Europe for Eurasia. This sudden revision of foreign policy track by one of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries has since become a discussion topic. Peculiarly enough, Georgia found itself on the ‘center stage’ next to Armenia in these discussions, even if the former is unfavourable ...

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“Open Sesame!” – Way into the Fortress Europe?


On 2nd and 3rd  of October, 2013, a panel of authorities gathered at the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss the Migration and Mobility Policy towards Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. With the substantial share of speeches being politically charged, the speakers gave rough, but inclusive ideas about the current state of play in EU-EaP dialogue.

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As Georgia nears presidential elections, even a loss may be a win


Georgia is less than a week away from testing the rigidity of its democratic institutions by casting vote in the presidential elections. 

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What Does YES Mean for Ukraine?


“What has happened in YES will stay in your heart forever!” This informal motto of Yalta Annual Meeting is known to every participant of the event. The phrase is urgent for Ukraine today as never before.

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