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Law / Human Rights

Judiciary Reform in Ukraine: Promises and Challenges


The seventh President of the US Andrew Jackson once said that all the rights secured to the citizens under the Constitution are worth nothing, a mere bubble, except guaranteed to them by an independent and virtuous Judiciary.

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Let the local electoral process in Ukraine begin


Following the Resolution of Verkhovna Rada “Regarding next elections of deputies of local councils and village, town and city chairmen in 2015“, the local elections campaign in Ukraine started on the 5th of September. This year elections will be held according to a new procedure. The question arises, will these new regulations impact the electoral process?

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Draft law 2504a signifies the emergence of Ukrainian patriot act


Among omnipresent economic troubles and protracted anti-terrorist operation, registering the Bill 2504a in the Parliament on August, 13, has been largely unnoticed by Ukrainian citizens. However, it seems that this yet-to-come regulation might affect their lives more significantly than the mentioned difficulties. To say the least, extensive data about the citizens will be combined and regularly updated in a unified information registry.

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Decentralisation in Ukraine: First steps taken

Decentralisation map

Having ratified the Association Agreement with the European Union, European Atomic Energy Community and other ally states Ukraine stepped into a new era – era of new challenges leading to radical changes. The incentives to tackle the challenges are numerous: not only Ukraine will benefit itself by reforming outdated governance system, it will also get closer to the EU membership ...

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Anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine: can the dreams come true?

How to tackle corruption? “Start with imprisonment of three of your friends. You definitely know what for, they know what for, and the people will believe you.”

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Is humanitarian intervention a must? Evidence from the Balkan states. Part 1

Help Bosnia Now

This is a first piece of articles that explain humanitarian intervention into Balkan states. I will examine the role of humanitarian intervention and answer the question whether it is a must to intervene if citizens of another country are in danger.

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Ukrainian Crisis and International Law as the Most Cynical Thing Ever Existed

Adam Zyglis Cartoon

Russia has always sought to integrate Ukraine economically. Being divided for centuries between foreign powers, Russia always treated Ukraine as a small brother that would fare better in Russia’s embracement than on its own – as an independent and equal partner. Even 24 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, neither Russia, nor the majority of Russians accept the ...

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International law on legality of the Crimea secession


This article explores legality of the Crimea secession in the light of norms and provisions of public international law.

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Three reasons why Crimea is not Kosovo


Back in the day, political commentators compared U.S. and Western support for Kosovo’s independence to a Pandora’s box. The recognition of Kosovan right to independence, it was warned, could jeopardize the stability of the international order by setting a dangerous precedent for other separatist movements as well as encouraging big states to reshape the international order through the use of ...

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Is Russian military presence in Crimea legally justified?

Russian soldiers in Crimea. Photo: The Guardian

On March 1, 2014, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, requested permission from the Coucil of Federation, the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, to deploy military forces in Crimea. The decision was unanimously approved.

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