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Our mission

Beyond the EU mission is quite simple and can be expressed in two words: reflect and react. In Beyond the EU the open community of analysts reflects on the processes that are going on in European, but non-EU, countries and reacts to significant events there. In fact, our primary focus on post-Soviet countries was extended to Balkan states, as another region undergoing rapid changes. Although these countries are geographically European, they are still left beyond Europe, understood as an area of shared values and intellectual traditions. The subject areas of our interest concern every part of the mentioned states, as there are articles on politics, culture, economics, international relations and other topics.

Beyond the EU  was founded by four people from different, but at the same time very similar countries. Founding members share the same historical legacy that is inherited from the Soviet Union, with all its burdens and challenges. Currently, Beyond the EU is managed by a team of project and regional managers, but many more contributors are involved. We value every opinion and will be glad to hear and spread yours!