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Russian and Western engagement in the South Caucasus conflicts: Building sustainable stability in the region?


Russia is playing a dual game in the South Caucasus at the same time both stabilising and destabilising the region.

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Future of the EaP: opportunities and struggles


The events from the failure of the Vilnius Summit up until the ongoing Ukrainian crisis have revealed the need of reviewing the EU’s current policies towards its Eastern partners.

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“Open Sesame!” – Way into the Fortress Europe?


On 2nd and 3rd  of October, 2013, a panel of authorities gathered at the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss the Migration and Mobility Policy towards Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. With the substantial share of speeches being politically charged, the speakers gave rough, but inclusive ideas about the current state of play in EU-EaP dialogue.

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Armenia chooses Euroasian Union over the EU: What now?


With just two months left till the Vilnius Summit, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan announced that his country would be seeking to join the Russia-led Customs Union, thus effectively reneging on his country’s commitments for closer economic and political cooperation with the EU.

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