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NATO credibility crisis and Post Crimea enlargement: Cases of Georgia and Montenegro


The next NATO Summit is scheduled for July 8-9, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. The theme of the upcoming summit is expected to be that of security within the alliance (collective defense, article V of the founding treaty) as an answer to the security challenges facing NATO today (Ukraine crisis, ISIS, Russia’s military intervention in Syria).

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One year after the Crimea Annexation: Thinking ahead for Ukraine


March 2015 marked one year after the annexation of Crimea and the EU is still indecisive. It does make moves (e.g. sanctions against Russia), but has the “safe mode” turned on.

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Russia’s role in Crimea: Foreign Policy Analysis

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The Ukrainian crisis has undermined the status-quo in the post-Cold War order and laid the foundation of new understandings regarding Russia’s revisionist power in the 21st century.

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2014: The Worst and the Best Year in Modern Ukraine’s History


It is December out there, which means it is time to take a stock. I will try to re-think and critically evaluate the last year of Ukraine’s history as an independent state. 

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Ukrainian Crisis and International Law as the Most Cynical Thing Ever Existed

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Russia has always sought to integrate Ukraine economically. Being divided for centuries between foreign powers, Russia always treated Ukraine as a small brother that would fare better in Russia’s embracement than on its own – as an independent and equal partner. Even 24 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, neither Russia, nor the majority of Russians accept the ...

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Hypocrisy of the West and Russian “threat” to the liberal international order


There is a popular opinion, also shared among the authors on this website, that Putin’s Russia is deliberately hindering current international order. I see two big problems with this oversimplification.

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“Having to choose between freedom and fear, my family chose the first”, Interview with a Crimean refugee


Crimea is not as homogenised in terms of Russian-lovers as some media tend to portray. It is not only Crimean Tatars who were against becoming a part of Russia, but also Ukrainians, Russian-speaking ones, who were forced to leave Crimea when they disagreed to receive Russian citizenship.

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International law on legality of the Crimea secession


This article explores legality of the Crimea secession in the light of norms and provisions of public international law.

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Where did Ukrainian military potential go? Arms trafficking is the answer


The recent annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia demonstrated the incapacity of Ukrainian army to confront the aggression of a “brotherly state” and to defend its own borders.

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How the annexation of Crimea changed the geopolitical game for Belarus


After years of demonising NATO, Belarusian authorities are coming to a painful realisation that the main threat to country’s sovereignty lies to the East, not the West. But will Belarusian foreign policy change?

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