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Can Montenegro make up for breaking the rules on the Euro?


Montenegro looks to be a strong candidate to become the EU’s next new member state, but its government’s unilateral adoption of the Euro as the country’s sole currency in 2002 may yet stand in its way. In order to have any chance of concluding negotiations on EU acquis chapters related to monetary policy and financial control while retaining the Euro, ...

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EaP players missing: are Georgia and Moldova to score with DCFTA?


While Vilnius Summit is to be a decisive round in the EU’s trade relations with the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, how many out of the six initial EaP players  (Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia) do actually remain at the gaming  table?

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The cost of land: Why China has purchased arable swathes of Ukraine


The news about the acquisition of 5% of Ukrainian land by China spread around the world at the end of September.

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Continuing overheat: residential real-estate market in Kyiv, Ukraine


Economic development of states is related to in-country migration, as the movement of people can boost one place and shut down another one. In Ukraine, internal migration is mostly present as a part of global urbanization trend. Thus, several big cities in the country are becoming more convenient for living, whereas other ones are facing impoverishment.

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Belarus: analyses. Issue Two


An up-to-date analysis of Belarusian economy’s health.

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Belarus: analyses. Issue One


An up-to-date anaylis of Belarusian economy’s health.

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