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Post-modern versus modern: The EU and Russia


After the Soviet collapse, Western leaders anticipated Russia’s incorporation into Post-Cold war European system would go smoothly. Nevertheless, failure of normative convergence between Russia and the EU coupled with Kremlin’s international assertiveness made this future unlikely.

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Values shift in Ukraine: any evidence yet?

Around a year ago, I made an argument predicting the value shift in Ukraine. I was and am absolutely aware that it is dangerous to give any kind of predictions in social sciences, especially when it comes to Ukraine. Nevertheless, I emphasized the value shift that I observed during and after (if it is over yet) the Revolution of Dignity ...

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The Untold Story of Ukraine’s War: The Women of Maidan

Maidan activist

“Men fight wars, and women mourn them,” claims Anastasia Taylor-Lind, a documentary photographer. Tayor-Lind positions Ukrainian women on the periphery of the revolution, contributing to the complete erasure of women’s participation in Euromaidan. In reality, women played a crucial role in the revolution.

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2014: The Worst and the Best Year in Modern Ukraine’s History


It is December out there, which means it is time to take a stock. I will try to re-think and critically evaluate the last year of Ukraine’s history as an independent state. 

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Ten Western myths about “Ukrainian Crisis”

Euromaidan in Kyiv. Photo:

I have been living in the Netherlands for the last two months and during this period I have had an opportunity to feel a genuine interest towards the so-called “Ukrainian Crisis”.

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Maidan by Sergey Loznitsa: Ukrainian people have the issue to resolve


Maidan is the movie about Ukrainian revolution by Sergey Loznitsa. It was first premiered at Cannes in May 2014, and will probably become the most widely seen documentary about the events that took place in Kyiv in winter 2013-14. What does the picture show?

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Empire State of Mind: Crimea is caught in the middle of conflict

Action of solidarity with Euromaidan in Saint Petersburg. Picture from

Kremlin has always been seeking to economically integrate Ukraine with Russia. Being divided for centuries between the foreign powers, Ukraine has always been treated by Russia just as a small brother that should be better in Russia’s embracement than being an equal partner. Having been a part of the Russian Empire for several hundred years, Ukraine was proclaimed independent in 1991. ...

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New monuments in Kyiv: An open proposal to Ukrainian people


Viktor Yanukovych is gone, and today, as I write this, Ukrainians are enjoying the start of a new chapter in their history by touring the grounds of his Mezhihirya mansion and collecting documents and testimony that will incriminate him and his cronies.  At the same time, we are painfully aware that not all who rallied against Yanukovych’s kleptocracy/dictatorship survived, and ...

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Human rights violation in Ukraine: When government is at war against own citizens


Ukraine has been hit by protests during the last three months.  The protests started on November 21, 2013 following the decision of the government to reject an economic deal with the EU. Started firstly as a demonstration to support the EU aspiration of the majority of Ukrainians, the protests changed its purposes on November 30, 2013 when the riot police ...

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National Act of Freedom: about Rousseau and Rationality


The National Act of Freedom (the NAF) was issued in Ukraine on the 14th of February, 2014. The Act was prepared by the group of independent Ukrainian experts in political science, law, sociology, and economics who call themselves “1st December Initiative”. If the document’s implementation is accepted by the relevant actors, primarily, the power authorities, the opposition, and several organizations of the protesters, ...

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