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Why Euromaidan is not dispersed: Yanukovich’s Strategic Game


Clashes between the Euromaidan protesters and the riot police have reached a new boiling point on January, 22. In the morning of that day, the riot police with the assistance of internal troops that are subordinated to the Ministry of Interior pushed back the radical protesters from Grushevskogo Street, restoring their previous dislocation. This skirmish resulted in the death of ...

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Euromaidan as a descedent of Zaporizhian Sich

pic_Z_A_Zaporozhian Sich (drawing after Riegelman)

Zaporizhian Sich was a protected territory near modern Kakhovka reservoir (Zaporizhia region, Eastern Ukraine) where the unregistered Ukrainian army, so called Cossaks, was located in the 16-18th centuries. Present-day Euromaidan in Kyiv strikingly resembles Sich in many aspects of its social environment, but also has some distinctive features.

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