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Release of political prisoners is part of Lukashenko’s appeal to the West

Mikalai Statkevich, one of the six released prisoners, upon his arrival in Minsk. Photo credit: Reuters

One would think that a man of such posture like Lukashenko hardly needs an election strategy. Rigged electoral machinery, supressed political opposition and vanquished civil society create very favourable conditions for a landslide victory. Add more than 21 years of (mostly) unchallenged reign to this mix and one can imagine Lukashenko sitting back and planning how he is going to spend his ...

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Human rights violation in Ukraine: When government is at war against own citizens


Ukraine has been hit by protests during the last three months.  The protests started on November 21, 2013 following the decision of the government to reject an economic deal with the EU. Started firstly as a demonstration to support the EU aspiration of the majority of Ukrainians, the protests changed its purposes on November 30, 2013 when the riot police ...

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Fixing Vilnius Summit and returning Ukraine to EU’s orbit


Armenia reneging on the EU for membership in the Eurasian Union – Check! Belarus soldiering on its autocratic rule – Check! Azerbaijan skeptical about the EU trade deal – also, Check! Ukraine refusing to sign the AAs days before the summit – Double-check!

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Tracking migration. Part 1: Ukraine


The issue of migration in Ukraine has been previously addressed by Beyond the EU. However, recent World Migration Report 2013 as well as Extended Migration Profile of Ukraine, which was presented on October 31, 2013, brought an extra attention to this topic.

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Global Slavery Index 2013: Eastern Partnership Countries Analysis

Grete Minde

When we think about slavery, we often look at it as something from the past, something which was abolished a long time ago and has nothing to do with the contemporary world. Still, modern slavery exists and is a global threat that hits both developing and developed counties. In October, 2013, the Global Slavery Index was released  by Walk Free Foundation ...

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Belarusian refrigerators in peril or Lukashenka goes protectionist


With Vilnius summit approaching, a new wave of protectionism is looming over Belarus. Following President’s initiative, national legislators are drafting a law that will impose a $100 exit duty on Belarusians who visit the EU for shopping. What is the rationale behind and what might be the consequences of this controversial political decision?

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The Struggle with Police Outrage in Ukraine


Recent events that took place in a small Ukrainian village, Vradievka, draw public attention to the broader issue of police outrage in the country.

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EU’s dilemma of lashing out at LGBT abuses in global perspective

Faris_Robert-LGBT_JPEG-1024x522 (1)

This weekend such European cities as Amsterdam and Stockholm firmly demostrated respect for LGBT rights by hosting the yearly pride parades. 

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Sex and the Country


Summer is the traditional time to go on vacation and tourists flood the most beautiful places in the world. However, it is not only about green camping and sightseeing; summer is also the hottest time for sex tourism. The definition, proposed by the World Tourism Organization, defines  sex tourism as “trips organized from within the tourism sector, or from outside ...

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Profit over people: The issue of human trafficking in Ukraine


More than 30 thousands. Around 225 thousands. From 2 up to 4 million. 8 billions. What are those numbers? The first three are the number of people who become victims of human trafficking in Ukraine, countries of South-Eastern Europe and in the world respectively, whereas 8 billion dollars is the profit that criminals make out human trafficking and modern slavery. The ...

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