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Can Montenegro make up for breaking the rules on the Euro?


Montenegro looks to be a strong candidate to become the EU’s next new member state, but its government’s unilateral adoption of the Euro as the country’s sole currency in 2002 may yet stand in its way. In order to have any chance of concluding negotiations on EU acquis chapters related to monetary policy and financial control while retaining the Euro, ...

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Ukrainian Crisis and International Law as the Most Cynical Thing Ever Existed

Adam Zyglis Cartoon

Russia has always sought to integrate Ukraine economically. Being divided for centuries between foreign powers, Russia always treated Ukraine as a small brother that would fare better in Russia’s embracement than on its own – as an independent and equal partner. Even 24 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, neither Russia, nor the majority of Russians accept the ...

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My first year as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus


I would go through my first year as the Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Belarus in a curious time, full of menaces and opportunities.

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How the annexation of Crimea changed the geopolitical game for Belarus


After years of demonising NATO, Belarusian authorities are coming to a painful realisation that the main threat to country’s sovereignty lies to the East, not the West. But will Belarusian foreign policy change?

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Fixing Vilnius Summit and returning Ukraine to EU’s orbit


Armenia reneging on the EU for membership in the Eurasian Union – Check! Belarus soldiering on its autocratic rule – Check! Azerbaijan skeptical about the EU trade deal – also, Check! Ukraine refusing to sign the AAs days before the summit – Double-check!

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