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Judiciary Reform in Ukraine: Promises and Challenges


The seventh President of the US Andrew Jackson once said that all the rights secured to the citizens under the Constitution are worth nothing, a mere bubble, except guaranteed to them by an independent and virtuous Judiciary.

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Let the local electoral process in Ukraine begin


Following the Resolution of Verkhovna Rada “Regarding next elections of deputies of local councils and village, town and city chairmen in 2015“, the local elections campaign in Ukraine started on the 5th of September. This year elections will be held according to a new procedure. The question arises, will these new regulations impact the electoral process?

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Belarusian refrigerators in peril or Lukashenka goes protectionist


With Vilnius summit approaching, a new wave of protectionism is looming over Belarus. Following President’s initiative, national legislators are drafting a law that will impose a $100 exit duty on Belarusians who visit the EU for shopping. What is the rationale behind and what might be the consequences of this controversial political decision?

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Three stupid laws

Scales of justice, law books and gavel over dark background

I guess everybody at some point of life read about American “stupid laws” like the one prohibiting sex in ambulance. Indeed, a major characteristic of a good law is impartial applicability with predictable outcome. Otherwise, the law is stupid. Apparently, American legislators are not alone in the obtuse law making. Below is the list of three Belarusian laws, which I ...

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