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The interpretation of Soviet historico-cultural heritage in Belarus and Lithuania: from great martyrs to independent changers


In this little piece, I would like to compare memory politics in Belarus and Lithuania in the context of interpretation of Soviet historico-cultural legacy.

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In anticipation of Vilnius Summit: Will the USA help convince Kyiv?


Recently, Ukraine endorsed the Association Agreement with the EU, but Brussels was eager to remind that there were still conditions to be met (first and foremost, the release of Yulia Tymoshenko). This brings more uncertainty about the upcoming decision for Ukraine. September and October is a decisive period for Ukraine’s officials that will determine the outcome of the Vilnius Summit in ...

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Over and over again…


Insanity is described as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The current government of Lithuania obviously has never heard of this concept if they expect their new five year deal with Gazprom to produce different results than last attempt.

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Gazprom vs. Chevron: A battle of Titans over the future of an energy island


Lithuania’s current energy situation is not sustainable. After the closing of the Ignalina nuclear power plant, Lithuania has become an energy island. At the moment the only gas provider to the Baltic nation is the Kremlin controlled Gazprom. As a result of this energy monopoly, Lithuania is forced to pay exorbitant prices for Russian gas. In fact, Lithuania pays the ...

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All quiet on the Eastern Front


Not much has been heard from the EU on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and situation in the partner countries recently. It seems like EU has accepted status quo and is unable or unwilling to challenge Russia in the region. Obviously, not the whole EU is interested in ENP, but mainly the immediate neighbours of the ENP countries. How do ...

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