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Albania’s nature: A business or a heritage?


The rivers Vjosa, Radika and the whole territory in-between are part of the Scardo-Pindic mountain network which has not been subject to intensive commercial development. This raises a pertinent questions about where Albania’s priorities lie with regards to the protection of environment.

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Euromaidan as a descedent of Zaporizhian Sich

pic_Z_A_Zaporozhian Sich (drawing after Riegelman)

Zaporizhian Sich was a protected territory near modern Kakhovka reservoir (Zaporizhia region, Eastern Ukraine) where the unregistered Ukrainian army, so called Cossaks, was located in the 16-18th centuries. Present-day Euromaidan in Kyiv strikingly resembles Sich in many aspects of its social environment, but also has some distinctive features.

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Viva Belarus without Lukashenko


“Viva Belarus” is the name of the event organized by polish MEP Marek Migalski on the 15th of October at the European Parliament in Brussels. The homonymous movie screening was followed by the panel and cocktail discussion with the director of the film, Krzysztof Lukaszewicz; co-writer of the script, Franak Viacorka; and Marina Adamovich – a wife of a former presidential candidate ...

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Music and Control


Last weekend Lviv, one of the most beautiful and popular with tourists Ukrainian city, hosted the rock festival ‘Stare Misto (Old City)’. This event symbolizes one more step towards the formation of more mature Ukrainian underground culture, which is still quite young. Since 2007 this festival has been held annually, except of the last year when it was canceled due ...

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You have no right to play here


Just two weeks ago I wrote an article about three most controversial pieces of Belarusian legislation. Now we can readily add another stupid law to the list. On June 5, 2013 Lukashenka signed presidential decree 257 that concerns the procedure of organization of so-called “mass cultural events”. Now if you want to organize a fest or a single concert you ...

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Human Rights in Azerbaijan: The Legacy of Eurovision


It was with a conflicted sense of bitterness that I watched countless British Tory MPs espouse their latest vitriol towards all things European this week. Nothing new, there, you might say. The noticeable overlap between Europhobes and homophobes may leave some of their less articulate members – Nadine Dorries and Peter Bone to mention just a couple – panicking under ...

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